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Glow City Skincare

Glow Bomb for Skin Radiance

Glow Bomb for Skin Radiance

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Unleash the power of Glutathione, an inherent antioxidant in your body renowned for illuminating skin tone! Our Glow Bombs are meticulously crafted to deliver safe and effective radiant skin.

At Glow City, we’ve revolutionized skincare with suppositories, ensuring maximum Glutathione benefits. Once inserted, the suppository dissolves, allowing Glutathione direct access to your bloodstream for quicker, glowing results!

Key Points:

  1. Price displayed is per single suppository
  2. Each Glow Bomb contains 500mg of Glutathione

How to Use:
For that luminous glow, insert one suppository every 72 hours and let your radiant transformation begin!

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The best way to truly get your skin to shine from the inside out

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